LOVE has no Gender


HeelatHome🧦-My initial concept and thought process with this new venture started with……I sell homes and because I sell homes I thought about the comfort of being in your new home 🏡 walking across your new floor with your cozy 🥰 socks.

My concept with the name of the business -all healing starts from the home…hence -Heel at Home- mental wealth is very important and needs to be addressed more in society 🙏🏼

My concept with the logo -simple -I love neutral soothing colors -I am a lover of all things nature 🌱

I hope this new venture inspires you to just do it!! Whatever it is -whatever feeds your soul-do it today!

Thank YOU all for your support in all that I do and I am always proud to see you all create your happy and be successful in whatever your endeavor is🙏🏼❤️

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